Vehicle Tracking

A GPS tracking map of London showing the locations of a vehicle.

What is Vehicle Tracking?

GPS vehicle tracking systems are one of the most essential tools for modern day surveillance. The devices are tiny and are fitted to vehicles discreetly. The device communicates with our servers and gives real time updates on the devices location. It can also give an overview of routes taken, the duration of any stops, historical data, and the speed which the vehicle is travelling.

Our team will fit GPS trackers discretely and monitor and record the information for our clients. Our team will This will then be compiled into a readable format either accessible online, or sent via email by our team.


Discretion Discretion
Having a tracker on a vehicle makes the investigation even more discreet as there is no need to follow the vehicle. This is especially useful if the vehicle is in motion during inconvenient hours.
Cost Effective Cost Effective
Again, with no need to physically follow the vehicle, this saves money on time and fuel.
Reliability Reliability
GPS trackers rarely fail and they are also incredibly accurate.