Private investigator carrying out surveillance in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Surveillance is one of the key roles in the investigation industry and has been for many years.

Surveillance in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Static Static
Our agents can carry out surveillance from a non-mobile location such as an apartment building or an outdoor area. Our agents remain covert and static at the same location for the required time periods and observe within current legal requirements.

Covert Covert
Carrying out surveillance undercover and blending into different scenarios and situations.
Mobile Mobile
We carry out mobile surveillance on the move, such as in a vehicle, on a train or even on foot.
GPS Tracking GPS Tracking
GPS tracking systems allow you to track the movements of a vehicle, or in some instances goods, at all times. In addition to telling you the location of each vehicle, the device can detect the precise location of any stops, how long the vehicle is at each location, and even the speed at which it’s travelling.

The use of evidence gathered through surveillance is usually the most useful especially in a court of law. This can help prove or disprove cases if appropriate investigative practices are followed.

Our experienced investigators use highly sophisticated cameras and video recorders. This allows good quality images to be produced at a distance. We also have dedicated vehicles for use during complex investigations which are often used in conjunction with vehicle tracking. Our worldwide network of international agents ensures that we can start your investigation without delay, be that in the UK or overseas.