Scams & Fraud

Scams & Fraud Investigations

Detech Solutions actually specialise in Scams and Fraud cases. In fact, we have managed to get to the bottom of 100% of our cases to date involving scams. Some people have even got their money back, although this isn’t always guaranteed.

Investment Scams Investment Scams
Investment scams are very dangerous because the losses can be devastating. They’re usually initiated with a cold call, a message on social media or an email. Investments can include property, jewellery, minerals, land, shares and even investments overseas.
Pension Scams Pension Scams
A large proportion of the elderly have money put away for inheritance for their children, but when grand children come along its not uncommon for them to want to invest this to try and increase funds for their family when they are no longer around. Cruel scammers have been taking full advantage of this and have conned millions of pensioners into parting with their life savings, leaving families devastated.
Phone, Text & Email Scams Phone, Text & Email Scams
In these types of scams, fraudsters use email, texting and even phone calls to pretend to be from an official company. This method is called Phishing. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, some of these methods can be pretty convincing, especially for the elderly.
Technical Support Scams Technical Support Scams
Alot of people are often targeted via telephone and advised that their computers or laptops are infected with a virus. Scammers can lock down your PC and only unlock it after you have paid, or they can copy sensitive information from your PC such as credit card details or even install monitoring software.